sam. 20. nj.
I like bands, cosplay, and youtubers.
I go to a lot of shows.
my url is in no way related to the band.

TUMBLR I NEED YOUR HELP!My Zelda cosplay is entered in a contest and I’m currently in 3rd. It’s close and I’d appreciate your vote!All you have to do is LIKE this photo (CLICK THIS LINK)(Shares count double if you have the time!)I’d never thought I’d be in the running, thank you guys so so much! :D


A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the long face?”

The horse replies, “Marco is dead.”

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GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP!My Zelda costume is entered in a contest, and I’d appreciate it if you could vote! All you have to do is like THIS photo.Love you all, thank you!


Zelda: Sam Mills
Please let me know if you know who the Link is and/or you took a photo of me at NYCC!